Paris Privé: A celebration of bold & innovative storytellers
The 1st annual Paris Privé Festival du Film commences early 2019, offering a number of prestigious awards for technically excellent filmmakers.
Dynamic Docs: Power Through Truth
Launching this year in Chicago, the Dynamic Docs Fest is bringing bold, fearless thinkers and their stories to the people.
Midnight Movie: Get your scream on!
Another exciting introduction from FastFest ... The Midnight Movie Horror Fest, celebrating filmmakers who make films that go bump in the night. 
Best Fest open now!
FastFest introduces Best Fest: an ongoing global event for features and shorts. Expect big things, submitters!
Toronto Vanguard is open for submissions!
FastFest is delighted to be hosting the Toronto Vanguard as it launches its first annual film festival in 2018 at the historic, century-old Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.
The Wayward Festival 2018 has launched!
FastFest's first hosted festival, The Wayward Festival, has just launched its 2018 edition! 2017 was a huge hit, so make sure to get in on the ground floor in its 2nd season!
Welcome to FastFest!
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