November 28, 2017 fastfest

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November 28, 2017 fastfest

London, UK

September 2018

Wayward promised you country-hopping. Join us in London for more films outside the box in 2018. Expect cross-genre film screenings, competition screenings, live music and performance, roundtables, education sessions, and plenty of networking sessions so fun they feel more like a party. Step into the future of film. Step outside the box.



We focus on narratives highlighting:

  • Disability
  • Mental health
  • Trans
  • Race
  • Class
  • Religion
  • and more

All filmmakers are welcome, whether black, white, brown, pink, gay, straight, non-binary, abled, differently abled, female, identifying as female, male, extraterrestrial or anything else.


Wayward Feature Film Award: $1500
Wayward Short Film Award: $700
Wayward Innovator Prize: $700
Wayward Foreign Language Film Award: $700
Wayward Foreign Language Short Film Award: $700
Wayward Best TV Pilot: $500
Wayward Best Music Video: $500
Wayward Best Script Award: $500


  • Seven days of festival programming at prestigious London venues
  • Screenings of the best “out of the box” cinema & shorts
  • A varied film program expressing non-traditional stories, voices, and viewpoints
  • Genre-based curation
  • Opening & closing parties
  • Prizes & award ceremonies
  • Afterparties
  • Networking sessions
  • Workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Photo booth / Pop-ups / Food trucks & much, much more

The 2018 London Festival Screenings

11 September 2018
8 - 11 pm
Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

12 September 2018
8 - 11 pm
Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

13 September 2018
8 - 11 pm
Electric Cinema, Shoreditch

14 September 2018
3 - 6 pm
Genesis Cinema, London

15 September 2018
3 - 5 pm
Electric Cinema, Shoreditch

16 September 2018
5 - 9 pm
Electric Cinema, Shoreditch