FutureFemme London 28 March 2019

Building a village one FutureFemme at a time

FutureFemme exists to elevate futurefemme perspectives, support the advancement of futurefemme talent, and empower futurefemmes through creativity. We’re your connection to futurefemme community, opportunity, authenticity, connectivity, and collectivity.

FutureFemme is open to all persons identifying as female or those in support of the advancement of futurefemmes.

We’re building a village. Through events, conversation, education and our soon to launch app, we’re helping futurefemmes get a leg up in today’s world.

Mission & Vision

A FutureFemme is someone who doesn’t ask for permission.

A FutureFemme doesn’t need anyone to open doors for her.

A FutureFemme doesn’t take no for an answer.

A FutureFemme ignores an irrelevant establishment.

A FutureFemme creates iconic, inspirational content on no one’s terms but her own.

FutureFemmes make great things.

FutureFemmes make history.


Early Bird Gets the Worm: £15.00 (only 25 left!)

Generally Fabulous: £20.00 (only 50 left!)

Last Minute Push: £25.00 (only 125 left!)

Really Cutting It Fine: £30.00 (only 25 left!)



Going to more than one FutureFemmeFest event? Become a member now!

FutureFemme membership gives you access to:
  • 6 FutureFemmeFest London screening events annually
  • Discounts to enter international FutureFemme events
  • 6 FutureFemmeFreelance coworking events annually
  • Free access to FutureFemmeTV for 2 months (after launch)
  • Discounts & goodies from our partners
  • FutureFemme ID card & pin
  • Discounts in the FutureFemme online store

Normally £100
Only £30 for a 12-month membership until the end of January 2019!

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