#SaveShadowhunters S3B Viewing Party

Join us on Thursday, February 26th in Toronto for an evening of supernatural delights. We’ll be streaming the premiere of Shadowhunters S3B.
We’ve partnered with everyone’s favorite fan-first YouTube channel Fancity Central to create an event to celebrate the launch of Shadowhunters S3B. Someone’s got to fight to save Shadowhunters, so we’ve teamed up to create a safe private party space for the Shadowfam to convene & celebrate.

Join us on Tuesday, February 26th in Toronto for an evening of supernatural delights. We’ll be streaming the premiere of Shadowhunters S3B and celebrating the great relationships we’ve all made in the Shadowfam.

The ShadowFam is not to be underestimated. For those looking in from the outside, their enthusiasm and relentless resistance in the face of their show ending has highlighted that Shadowhunters isn’t your ordinary young adult supernatural series. It’s become evident to the entire world that Shadowhunters means more to fans than just a set of intriguing characters within a fantastical Shadow World.

Join us and help continue the fight to save our show and make longlasting friendships with members of the fandom.

All proceeds after event expenses will go to The Trevor Project fund.

If you’re not in Toronto we’d love to host an event in your city. Join our Shadowfam list and we’ll be in touch to discuss hosting a viewing party near you.

This event was organized by and for the Shadowhunters fandom. It is totally unofficial and unaffiliated.



Just in time

This is a private party entry is by invitation & ticket only.

What to expect

Tuesday, February 26th
7pm - late
Toronto, ON
Innis Town Hall Theatre, Toronto
  • Cinema screening of the Shadowhunters S3B premiere
  • Raffle
  • Poster gift provided by David (@IconicNephilim)
  • Cosplay contest
  • Rune tattoo station
  • Photo booth
  • Afterparty

We can’t wait to see you there! We’ll be:
  • Dancing like nobody's watching
  • Group-streaming Shadowhunters to boost viewing figures
  • Cosplaying as our favorite characters
  • Getting temporary rune tattoos
  • Hamming it up in the photo booth
  • Meeting our #Shadowfam IRL

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