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The frontline of indie cinema

Are you a creative Vanguard?

Do you lead from the front?

Are you unafraid to tell bold & dynamic stories?

Do your movies feature underrepresented narratives & peoples?

Do you want to lead change in the current movie system?

Do you want to help bring about change in society through story?

Conscript now to make a change.

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Vanguard Leader Script Award
Best screenplay in competition

Other awards
$100 for the winner of each category

All finalists receive a three-month mentoring prize from the screenwriting education portal FilmCraft.


Whether a veteran writer or a newly minted cadet, we want to read your script.

All genres are welcome. We’re looking for filmmakers foregrounding innovative & diverse points of view.

Submissions close on December 30th, 2019.


Short films must not exceed 30 minutes in duration. All genres welcome.

Feature films must be at least 70 minutes long and must not exceed 180 minutes in duration. All genres welcome.

TV Pilots should not exceed 60 minutes in duration. All genres welcome.


All writers are welcome, whether black, white, brown, pink, gay, straight, non-binary, abled, differently abled, female, identifying as female, male, extraterrestrial or anything else.

Lead and be bold! We want to hear from you! Submit below.

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Vanguard Leader Script Award: Best screenplay of the fest
Vanguard TV Pilot Script Award
Vanguard Horror Script Award
Vanguard Sci-fi Feature Script Award
Vanguard Queer Feature Script Award
Vanguard Canadian Feature Script Award
Vanguard Documentary Feature Script Award
Vanguard Women's Feature Award
Vanguard Student Feature Script Award
Vanguard Vision Short Script Award
Vanguard Horror Short Script Award
Vanguard Sci-fi Short Script Award
Vanguard Queer Short Script Award
Vanguard Documentary Short Script Award
Vanguard Canadian Short Script Award
Vanguard Women’s Short Script Award
Vanguard Student Short Script Award