Dynamic Docs Fest

March 19, 2018

We believe in the power of reporting.

In these troubled times, it can be hard to disseminate information.

Fake news, vested interests, advertorials, news outlets bought and paid-for by big business – what’s news, and what’s marketing?

We believe documentary filmmaking can change the lives of millions for the better.

We are here to provide a platform for important, illuminatory cinema.

Our festival aims to:

Discover new, bold filmmakers

Celebrate independence of thought

Provide a platform for unconventional storytellers

Champion diverse stories from all walks of society

Connect artists with audiences

Broadcast original voices

Create a documentary film community

Categories, Awards & Prizes

We accept submissions in the following formats & genres:

Documentary TV Pilot

Documentary Short Film

Documentary Feature Film

Documentary Script

Documentary Series Bible

Winners will be selected for each category and awarded a $1000 prize.

Where we'll be

Dynamic Docs Fest

The Logan Theatre, Chicago
20th September 2018
8:00pm - 12:00am

Our inaugural event takes place at Chicago landmark the Logan Theatre which first opened in 1915. Extensively refurbished, the theater is opulently decorated in the style of its era. A community-focused cinema, The Logan welcomes both Chicagoans and out-of-towners through its impressive doors.