Paris Privé Festival du Film

April 7, 2018

Paris Privé Festival du Film aims to start a cross-cultural conversation and ignite creative collaborations through events and workshop programmes.

What we are

We are a platform dedicated to innovation, creation and emerging artists. We aim to shake up the old guard, giving new blood a much deserved place on the international stage.

What we want

We are looking for technically excellent filmmakers who know how to tell a good story. Ones who, by marrying these skills, create astonishing and new work, yet, with a classic and timeless feel that exceeds audiences expectations.

We want to see:

Important messages conveyed within narratives.

An understanding of symbolism and how to use it.

Stories with a focus on inclusivity.

An iconoclastic approach to filmmaking.

Where we'll be

Paris Privé Festival du Film

Le Grande Rex, Paris
21st February 2019
8:00pm - 12:00am

Our flagship event begins early 2019 at the world famous Le Grande Rex cinema. It is here submitters will compete for a serious of prestigious awards including the grand prize: The Paris Privé Flair Award.